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Potential Differences
New Focus Recordings, hits the streets Nov 1, 2019!

Dither's third full-length album features signature works for the quartet by Eve Beglarian, Ted Hearne, Paula Matthusen, Jascha Narveson, James Tenney, and compositions by each member of the group.

New Focus // Bandcamp

Dither Plays Zorn album cover

John Zorn's Olympiad Vol 1: Dither Plays Zorn
Tzadik, Jan 2015

Dither offers acoustic and electric renditions of John Zorn's improvisatory game pieces Hockey, Fencing and Curling.

Tzadik // iTunes

Henceforth Records, Oct 2010

Dither's debut album features compositions written for the quartet by Eric km Clark, Lisa R. Coons, Lainie Fefferman, Joshua Lopes and Jascha Narveson.

Henceforth // iTunes

Dither plays Paula Matthusen: but because without this

Dither plays Eve Beglarian: The Garden of Cyrus


Dither plays Ted Hearne: Candy